Saturday, October 15, 2005


it's been i while... but i decided to post.
so yea freshman year started as a kick in the ass and i guess everyday it gets better because i'm getting used to it or what not.
but my classes are pretty good i'm taking like as many academics as possible considering that oreintation is mandatory and i need service... but hey maybe i can do the hole graduate in three years thing!!! now wouldn't that be spiffy?! haha well i just finished catcher in the rye it was really good.. poor guy is soo screwed up tho. ummm oh i also watched dear frankie which was sooo greatly cute and sad and yay but i have to addmitt i'm REALLY biast towards european movies (ie. english, scots, y irish) so yea, it runs in the family aha. well i've been kinda sick latley and it sucks but i'm getting better i guess... daddy just left for europe for 2 weeks which sucks but time flys when you out of school YAY for parent teacher conferences!!!!! haha umm oh im in susans group which i guess is cool... i mean i'm not gonna go marry the people maybe julie ahah but she;s good with the issues i'm having (failing jk just weird things) and umm yea.
here for those who care my schedule
1.math 210 meh
2. french (i know i'm fluent i'm the one who told you in the first place haha)
3. IPS Arg
4. spanish (kill it now!!)
5. foundations
6. TA center ew
7. american government kill me now
8. oreintation yuck soo yea my superbly fab day
now imagine the agony!!
oh oh NEWS!! haha it's not that great actually BUT next week i get to go visit my puppy AHH i'm sooo excited it's most likley gonna be a yellow lab boy hehe sooo cute!!
ok well haha thas about it if i remember correctly um yea ok well much love to you all!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

home at long last

hello to all. i know i've been back for over a week and i totally forgot about my blog. well here i am now!
- HEY it was my birthday on august 24 and i got a comp i'm on it right now haha
- i'm babysitting lucy and i got her to take a nap it's a long story
- i'm going to bald head!! where everybodys bald haha
- ben is in ms!! i'm in us!!
- i had a good summer if you care
um yeah

Sunday, July 31, 2005


hello to all my mates!
missing you all like a poo on a skewer lol. (w/e that means) well all is cool i've been here for a month now and it feels like a week.

- went to mand and jims place only 2 days but it was really fun
- G&G for like a week yeah cool cool went to warwick william shakespears home town and to warwick castle that was awesome and i met a guy who made all the leather works for troy the movie yeah that was cool
- then i went to NewWine yeah it was cool camped in a tent for a week w/ rob and phil and clo and the others in another room in the tent that was fun and i have lots of great stories ie falling on my ass in the mud at midnight and all that crap but it rained like the whole time :( o well olly and spud ahah ask me if you care
- off to susex again 2moro then to gatwick then to my father land woohoo bb in just over 2 weeks ahh so yeah missin you all lylas/b depending on who you are lol have a great summer

Friday, June 24, 2005

new stuff

Today i went to Elmo's diner w/ my fam - dad +kai back from zimb. yeah twas fun then we went to B&J's yummmm. I had a guitar lesson (ONLY ONE LEFT TILL I LEAVE!!!!!) he told me to go and wait outside when we were done and he gave me a weird popsical (i was very confused) and i started laughing for no reason (GRACE'S HOUSE AFTER THE LAST DANCE AHHH) and i felt really stupid cuz i was holding this weird popsical (not eating) and i was in laughing REALLY HARD and then my mom drove up and i was like THANK GOD and i laughed for like a loooong time. ahh ok sry kinda had to be there.
- i saw hotel rwanda (intense!) i was really depressed for the rest of the week. it was like i wanted to forget about it but then i felt so bad just dimissing it like that its like in the movie the british news reporter says "yes... they will probably say omg thats horrible and feel bad and shocked but 10 min later they'll be back eating their dinners." yea was a really gripping movie
-i want to see batman (am i alone?) someone call and come w/ me hehe (MO)
-RUSTED ROOT!!!! it was sooo great thank you soooooo much ryan!! they were so great and amazing and i love them. the only downer was all the drunk peeps (they were entertaining too tho, catfight haha) and one lady spilled beer on my shirt and it was cold it was all good tho.
yeah that was really cool (my first thing that kinda felt like summer!!)

Friday, June 17, 2005


Since you all were probly wondering how it was...It was freaking gnarly!!! We went on Daredevils drop and the Edge and basically every tube ride there was, besides the zipline and the blue tube ride. I was surprised how close "wet 'n wild" is to durham/hillsborough...I thought it would be a 2 hour trip, but it wasnt...luckily boy shorts dry fast! my f*****g watch broke again!! (regardless of all the duct tape)

Yeah so it was pretty awesome i got welts on my back from dare devils blahdiblah and i don't think i'll be able to have kids due to the massive wedsgie that occured during those 5 sec of vertical motion but other wise all went well and i didn't sun burn!!! yeah we went in the wave pool and ben, bro, comes out saying he saw a couple making out in the middle of a wave (poor thing is now scarred for life) yeah twas.... interesting. AND our (jpo and I) buddy, tyler, (like 8 years old) cutie pie (going to be a mucho hottie) was there. It was sad that the only convo we had was when he rann me over w/ his tube and he bro stood there watching as he walked by and mumbled sry. yeah not so lucky w/ that one but o well. hmm not much else to say... jj out.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


EMERALD POINT tomorrow!! Me and Juliette and the rest of her fam are going for the day, so it'll be killer!! I HATE THE MR. LONELY SONG!!! We're gonna get super tan/sunburn that will turn into a tan...ummmmmmmmm jeramie out
this is jer reminding herself to do her SPANISH HOMEWORK and not procrastinate!!!!

i know sooo excited man we gonna have so much fun and you all are gonna miss out haha i still love you tho (but not as much as jpo *sigh*)
well i think i will have to go and DO my legs hahahaha it sounds worse than it is i swear (de-fuzzify) aka pluck haha well over to JPO BLAH bye

I need some serious chocolate intake AIAIAIAIAIAIAI gahh that chariot song is on OMG he says chocolate!!!! oh hmm hot chocolate would work too mmm except its like, what? 95?? AHH I got up at 7:30 this morning to go SWIMMING!!! but was too tired afterward and fell asleep on the floor at 11:00...

Monday, June 06, 2005

would you ever hit a girl?

see i been askin alot of guys if they would ever hit a girl. I thinks it's shit when a guy says he won'y hit a girl (unless he's one of those people htat wouldn't hit a guy either) but like the other day i went up to David (not pickin on you or anything, but we all know that I'm like a foot taller than you haha) and i was like would you ever hit a girl and he said no. I said so you'd never hit me??
and he said no and i was like what if i hit you?
and he said no. i was like WOW cuz EVERYONE knows that i could do a lot more damage than you. Well i guess it's reasuring to know that if DAvid grew 2 ft and went around stampedeing over everyone HE WOULDN'T HIT ME!!! (haha you rock man) yeah so i was just thinking bout it and yeah haha. random but weird. (that really didn't have anyhting to do w/ the other entry i SWEAR)! haha so yeah toodles